Tile Spacers

I wanted to try a new method to build a stadium. I saw a lot of stadiums using Tile Spacers (german: Fliesenkreuze) and static gras. Now I gave it a try.

First I built the standard wooden frame and used an old template and an airbrush to have the exact positions of the markers on the board. Of course you can do it just using a ruler and pencil.

Then I used a Polystyrolcutter (Ord.No.: 05-118) from Rai-Ro to get the right form of the Tile Spacers. This was a really boring work...

Then I glued them to the board using “UHU Hart”.

After that the board was painted green. I make this to avoid bad looking holes, if the flock is scrapped from the board.

Now carefully I sanded down the Tile Spacers

To get a good result using static gras, I invested in the “Grass-Master” from Noch Ord.No.: 60130).

First I made a test to see the different between the expensive “Gras-Master” (135 Euro) and a simple plastic bottle (Ord.No.: 08100) for 3 Euro.

The grass seems lightly be more standing, but regarding the price the simple plastic bottle works quite well.

I use waterthinned PVA glue. Let it dry for  days.

Now you can carefully sand down the tile spacers.

The result looks really good!