OrcaCola 2002

On Sunday, 14th July 2002 the Orca-Cola-Cup-Tournament took place in Zürich, Switzerland.

Orca-Cola-Cup 2002

This tournament was sponsored by

6 players of our wobbles league travelled there and represented Germany. Though between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. 4 matches were played what was really hard, but we had lots of fun. The organizers did not spare pains nor money. The Cups were real Orca-Cola-Cups, there was fun and gags all the time around the tournament and last but not least special guest Griff Oberwald appeared and held an autograph session !!!

The first place Winner of the Orca Cola Cup

Award “Best Painted Team” I was honored with this one

Award “Most Fair Player”

Award “Most Touchdowns”  Wolfgang did it


Griff Oberwald live !!!!!!

Griff´s original autograph

All these items were mine afterwards to take home...