• Impact! Minatures: A really great source!
  • Shadowforge: Women, women, women !!!!
  • Phigs Miniatures: Minis useable for Bloodbowl, now available from Impact! Miniatures.
  • Assassin: A german producer with some nice minis.
  • Heresy: A very nice Football Boris and minotaur available.
  • Goblinforge: Nice female troll
  • Uscarl Miniatures: Nice balls
  • League-Websites

  • Wobbles: The best league in the world!  :-)
  • NAF: international association of players dedicated to Blood Bowl
  • Communities

  • TalkFantasyFootball: The most important BB Forum!
  • Yahoo! Groups mini-painter: All about painting minis
  • Yahoo! Groups 1listSculpting: All about sculpting minis
  • CoolMiniOrNot: Showcase of great painters
  • BoardGameGeek: reference for boardgames

    privat Websites

  • Bloodbowl Miniatures: Reference website from Traveller
  • Old Skool Picture Archive: Narcotics reference website
  • Arnim Lück: A wobbles-league player
  • American Football:

  • Stuttgart Scorpions: My hometown
  • Holzgerlingen Twister: Here playd a member of the wobbles-league