About Us

Hi Im Baerbel,
and I am the wife of artistic talented and very skillful in modeling Frank Becker :-)

Ive been loving board games all my life, and since Frank is so fascinated by the models bloodbowl is an ideal hobby for both of us. Though it took me much longer to understand the rules I have lots of fun with the game now. So girls here is my advice: if you dont go for modeling yourself, simply get your personal model builder and painter, and join in !

Hi Im Frank Becker.
I live in Stuttgart, Germany. Im most interested in model building and painting the miniatures. As a kid I used enamel paint to paint little Airfix soldiers, later I played with model trains (Mrklin Mini-Club Scale Z) and drove RC-Cars.

In 1998 I saw at an exhibition in Stuttgart really good painted Warhammer Fantasy minis. I was very impressed, so I bought the WH boxed game. I started to collect the Bretonian, Lizard and the Undead, but so far I never played WHFB. The next year we attended the painting workshop of Wolfgang Zeller at the same exhibition, where we learned to paint with acrylics. Since I have not enough time to paint a 1000 point armee and Im not really interested in playing a war game, Wolfgang introduced us to Bloodbowl. And this was the game for us! You have to paint only 20 figures for a team and the aim is to make Touchdowns and not to kill people. (Well some teams aim still is to kill, but not our teams). So I started to paint in 2000 my first team The Flink Floyds. But it took nearly a year until Baerbels Orc-Team was painted, so Wolfgang refreshed our BB-Skills. Highly motivated we attended our first tournament 2001 at the Auryn. It was very painful (because in the end I had only 3 players left on the pitch), but we had so much fun. We knew then definitively this is our game!

Because Baerbel liked the Amazones I painted them as fast as I could, so she started with them at our second tournament B7.
2002 we joined the Wobbles-League with Wolfgang Zeller as our Commissioner and - will wonders ever cease - we are quite sucessful, more than we would have expected.